Our experience with Dimension Building was outstanding. This was our first build, we had planned a house but instead got a home! We received quotes from 4 different building companies. How Richard engaged and showed interest in our project really spoke to us. From the time we had agreed to use him and his outstanding crew, he made the project his priority and brought his creativity, passion and skill to the table.

He communicated throughout the processes really well, had great ideas and suggestions and an above standard eye for detail. It was obvious that he takes pride in what he builds and there were no shortcuts taken to make sure quality was the outcome! We could trust that his choice of subcontractors would reflect this as well.

We want to thank him and his crew for turning our dream into a reality and bearing with all our changes during the build so patiently.

Richards thoughts
This beachside renovation has undertaken a complete overhual and is both visually and structually sounder than the day it was first built.
Careful consideration to detail has allowed for the exception amalgamation between existing and new, hiding any evidence of the renovation. Further more an excellent client relationship and mutual passion for design has delivered not only an exception beach side house but a signiture home for this family of six.

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