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Your Dimension Building limited "Build with Confidence" Guarantee


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Master Build Guarantee

We guarantee to include a master builder 10 year guarantee with your build.
In addition we guarantee the following ...


  1. We guarantee to keep you fully informed during the entire period you are working with Dimension Building Ltd.
  2. During the design stages we meet with you regularly and listen to your concerns.
  3. During the build stages we have regular site meetings, so we can explain the developments on you build and any suggestions we have.
  4. Should you have any questions that have not been addressed at these meetings we guarantee to reply to your question within 24 hours.
  5. To ensure you have adequate selection time, we guarantee to supply a selections timeline immediately the build agreement is signed.


  1. To ensure that you get your particular preferences and that your needs are fully met we guarantee to help you explore all the options
    prior to engaging any designers.
  2. To prevent unnecessary design and working drawings costs we guarantee to provide you with a budget estimate at concept stage so you
    can budget intelligently.
  3. To enable the best selections of interior fittings and furnishing we guarantee to recommend designers that are able to supply a virtual
    30 walk through of the interior of your house.


  1. Specifications. We guarantee no hidden surprises. The price agreed will cover everything listed in the specifications. In the unlikely
    event that something is omitted by DB, we will put it right at no cost to you.
  2. Unforeseen Event. In the event that an unexpected or unknown situation causes a variation, or a change of plan requires additional
    work, we guarantee to discuss this with you before any additional expense (above $500) is incurred and to get your approval in writing.

Build Quality

  1. Precision. We guarantee that you home will be constructed in accordance with your architectural plans and specifications. In the
    unlikely event that a departure is found we will remedy at our expense.
  2. Accuracy. To ensure accuracy and build quality, we guarantee that every step of your project will be checked off against the Dimension
    Building Ltd quality control system before proceeding to the next stage.
  3. Supervision. We guarantee to have a qualified builder supervise every stage of your project. Further only Dimension Building Ltd approved
    staff will be permitted on your site.
  4. Materials. We only use the materials specified. Should a product or material not be available we guarantee to inform you and research
    thoroughly through reliable suppliers/ sub-contractors to find an equivalent or better quality replacement product.
  5. Subcontractors. To ensure the best possible outcomes, we guarantee to use only subcontractors who are qualified in their trade and have
    a proven record of delivering quality workmanship.


  1. We guarantee to supply indicative starting and completion dates and to keep you updated on schedules as the work progresses.


  1. To ensure transparency in estimated agreement invoicing, we guarantee to provide clearly and concisely itemise work completed and the
    materials used.
  2. Before a staged payment invoice is prepared, we guarantee to have checked that everything in that stage is completed or is on site as
    specified in the payment schedule.

Post Completion Care

  1. To ensure that all you retain the full benefits of your products and materials, we guarantee to provide you with all product and materials
    warranties and guarantees within one month of CCC being issued.
  2. So that you can be assured of long term quality, we guarantee two post completion checks on your property at three months and at six months.
    Should any workmanship defects or signs of settling be discovered we guarantee to fix these at our expense.


This is my personal guarantee Richard Phiskie

Dimension Building Ltd